Aron D'Souza is editor of the Journal Jurisprudence, a quarterly publication on legal philosophy. The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister of Australia, commented in a forward to a recent edition: “The Journal Jurisprudence has a high reputation as an effective and authoritative law journal.”

The journal is published four times annual to coincide with the four terms of the legal year. Every year, a guest editor curates a special edition. Professor Thomas Boudreau of Salisbury University edited the most recent special edition on international law after World War 2. For our 2013 special edition, The Journal Jurisprudence is pleased to have Stephen Keim, SC, a barrister at the Queensland Bar as a guest editor on the theme of “The Influence of International Human Rights Law: Looking Back and Looking Forward”. He has been awarded the Human Rights Medal and was named (with solicitor, Peter Russo) as one of the joint The Weekend Australian's Australians of the Year for 2007.

Dr D'Souza was also associate editor of The Journal of Applied Economy.